A Locksmith or Dealership for Car Key Replacement in Las Vegas?

Losing your car keys or finding it broken or stolen can be a traumatizing experience for many. You may have been on a work tour to another state and was to return home the following day when you realize that you have misplaced your car keys or it was stolen. Apart from the possibility of its misuse by the thief, you also have to worry about getting a replacement key made and then drive back home.

In such a situation, you may be faced with a question. Should you hire the services of an automotive locksmith or visit your car dealer? You may have a few pros and cons to consider and this article aims to help you make that decision.

Pros of an automotive locksmith

 Action on an emergency basis: An Las Vegas automotive locksmiths usually acts on an emergency basis. They too require you to complete some formalities like proving your ownership of the vehicle but the rules are a lot less relaxed. Their skilled workforce would first help you with figuring out the right smart key or traditional key formulation, cut the key and program the new key in the same way. They act real quickly and can also come down from a distance to offer their services, provided you can provide the right geographical coordinates and proper direction.

  • Time factor: A professional car key replacement Las Vegas service can save you a lot of time, which is a necessity when you are stuck in an emergency situation. Your ordeal might be over within a few hours at the most. Car dealers have a lot of formalities to fulfill and they may take up to a week to provide you with a replacement key.
  • Convenience: Not only do they offer to come down, they also may not ask you to prove ownership of the car by providing your VIN(vehicle identification number) number, your registration certificate, your license, your key identification number, etc. or they may be flexible enough to offer you the service first and then collect these from you for their records. It is much more convenient, which acts as a balm during a very stressful period.
  • Cost factor: Usually the professional services of a locksmith are available for much lesser than a car dealer. The cost could be 2 or 3 times over. Moreover, they may insist on towing your car to their service center which would add more to your expenditure.
  • Quality service: In California, where locksmiths are supposed to have a license to practice, quality of service is ensured. However, finding the right locksmith who specializes in the key you need, can be a little tricky. But big locksmith companies have the latest equipment, technologies, talents and a vibrant workforce who can handle almost any situation.

 Pros of your car dealer

  • A dealer usually always has the right replacement key. So, service is guaranteed and help is assured. However, the process could be a little bit too lengthy.
  • They ask you to provide all the documents that prove your ownership. While this can be a little inconvenient, it cuts down chances of malpractice.
  • A locksmith may have to break your lock and then make a new car key. The dealer may provide you with an identical key without having to break the lock since it gets supplied by the manufacturer itself.

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While you would be the best judge at a time of crisis to take a decision as to which way to tilt towards, getting hold of a professional locksmith with the right skills has a slight edge over a car dealer, according to most. So, track down the right locksmith and let them handle your worries.

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